Food Blog Study Overview

The food blog study is a multi-methods resarch study conducted in the summer of 2011. The study captured network data about the food blogosphere. It also gathered demographic data about food bloggers and qualitative data about the meanings and motivations food bloggers use to describe their experiences and practices. The study focuses on how gender and class interact with practices of self-presentation and community making both online and at food blogging conferences and events.

The study utilized a web crawler, a survey, and qualitative interviews. Read more about the study's methods here.

Papers drawn from the results of the survey and interviews are being prepared for publication in academic journals. Preliminary findings are here.

The food blog study was conducted by Laura Norén, a doctoral candidate in sociology at New York University, with faculty oversight from Krishnendu Ray, Assistant Professor of Nutrition and Food Studies. Norén conducted a majority of the research while she was a doctoral intern at Microsoft Research in the Social Media Collective. The food blog study was approved by the NYU University Committee on Activities Involving Human Subjects. The interviews were also conducted in accordance with Microsoft Research standards for ethical consent and intellectual property protection. More on confidentiality and human subjects protections here.